06-2016: Non-profit New York, published in Metropolis M (Dutch) PDF


04-2015: CENTERFOLD: Anouk Kruithof and Lieko Shiga published in The Aperture PhotoBook Review 008 / PDF

04-2015: Photobook As Performance As
Photobook published in The Aperture PhotoBook Review 008 / PDF

03-2015: The Only All-Female All-Art Review published in Metropolis M


12-2014: From Sheep to Sea Horse (critical & celebration) list of 16 fantastic books and 1 BUMMER published on stresspress.biz

05-2014: Lieve Regen (fiction, letter) published in Metropolis M / English PDF

04-2014: Anouk Kruithof on Justin James Reed: 2013 (review) published in The Aperture PhotoBook Review 006 / PDF


07-2013: Off the wall (journal, blogpost) published on Wandering Bears blog


09-2012: A head with wings (fiction, short story) published in artist book of the same name published by LBM English PDF / Dutch PDF

10-2012: Daegu Photo Biennal (review) published on Wandering Bears blog

10-2012: Stirring around in a discordant cabinet of curiosities (intereview with Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin) published on 1000 words magazine

07-2012: Justin James Reed 2013 (book performance) Presented at Photobook Slam in CO Berlin


12-2011: Don’t think in pictures (artistbooks-review) published on Wandering Bears blog

12-2011: I love (artist books-review) published on PhotoEye blog for ‘The best books of 2011’

10-2011: A’mazen books (artistbooks-review) published on Wandering Bears blog