A Head With Wings

A HEAD WITH WINGS can be seen as cross-pollination between object, pop-up book, installation and publication (View Book). The publication is published with Little Brown Mushroom, a small publishing house ran by photographer Alec Soth. He invites photographers to make a publication in a series with a predetermined format, cover and binding. Moreover, there is the mandatory use of text (storytelling). In this publication you'll find photos of handmade 3d stage-sets made out of Anouk Kruithof's automagic archive. There is no found footage used and no Photoshop. You'll find photos of a man, which she has ever made in a park in Berlin in 2008. This man seemed to be very much in his own inner world, far away from reality. Anouk made cut outs of these pictures and combined them with other material from her automagic archive, pasted them on cardboard, rearranged them and photographed the whole. The result is a depth, which is barely perceptible and works a bit alienating. Add to this the equally remarkable backgrounds of beams and rocks and you have a photo hallucinatory trip. The story - which is only partially aligned with the images - contributes greatly to the trip. (the source for this text are the words of lise lotte ten voorde, read full review HERE)

PDF of the short story A HEAD WITH WINGS in English HERE

PDF of the short story EEN HOOFD MET VLEUGELS in Dutch HERE

"Raymond Meeks on Photo Eye Best Books of 2011 about this book: "Fantastic merging of written and visual narrative which also function independent of one another. The size, format and playful structure of this book "throws open the shutters" with new possibilities for the photobook to entertain (why not?) as well as inform"

Little Brown Mushroom  Here

LBW Interview Here

Stable State


vertical bw HD video with sound

video installation 3.5 minutes projected on a panel of 216 by 122 cm

sound taken from the album: Asmus Tietchens/Jon Mueller: Acht Stücke, AufAbwegen 2007 aatp20, gema, LC 01291


The Daily Exhaustion


pile of newspaper-zines to take away for free installation out of the pages of the newspaper-zine: size variable

The daily exhaustion took part of many solo and groups exhibitions. Kruithof exhibited a wall installation and the pile at Hyeres, festival International de mode et de la photographie in 2011, where she won both the Grand prix de Jury and the Photoglobal prize (LINK)

THE DAILY EXHAUSTION is a small newspaper  which contains 23 self-portraits of an obsessed workaholic artist, who has reached the sweaty emotional state of exhaustion. When you browse through the publication, you will pass a gradual colour spectrum, which Kruithof considers the stratification of human energy. THE DAILY EXHAUSTION confirmed quite aware that a photo or a photo series is invented as a conscious construction, but simultaneously withdraws that statement into question, because the pictures are credible and honest. This causes confusion and raises the question of what THE DAILY EXHAUSTION actually is? In her current and future exhibitions Anouk Kruithof displays THE DAILY EXHAUSTION newspapers either as a large pile, from which visitors can take a copy for free or as a large wall installation made out of the original pages of the newspaper. When the newspaper-zine is taken apart new portraits rise to the surface. The portraits exist out of two half portraits that coincidently come together because of the unbounded newspaper-zine they'll form new faces. View Video

The special edition comes with a print together with the newspaper-zine in a sealed plastic bag.The photo is a snapshot from the trash bin at the printer. View Video

The newspaper has further evolved in the 'special special' edition, where Anouk Kruithof takes the aspect of exhaustion to another level. Five new photos of the cover of the newspaper are taken, layered with portraits from the newspaper they turn into abstract images.Recycling is an element that often plays a role in her work. These 5 new images are literally and figuratively layered and turn the state of exhaustions into an abstract thought. View Video

Temporary Cakes


The cakes are coated with pictures of the beginning party of the project called 'Temporary city', which was an experimental exhibition made by a group of artists without curator and took place in May 2009 at Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin. These cakes have been eaten by the end of the opening.

Writer Christophe van Gerrewey about this project: just like every 'experimental' act, Temporary City presents results that are only useful when they lie at the base of new experiments. In an over-curated era, in an art world where the power structures seem constantly out of balance, Temporary City wants to look for other ways of grouping works of art - of making an exhibition. The result shows that it is possible to view the entire exhibition as 'meta-art', as art that can only reflect on its own principles and promises. But on the other hand, the individual works remain accessible without being part of a larger narrative that limits their possible meanings or appearances. At the beginning of the 21st century, Temporary City shows that such an exhibition that guarantees this freedom (and thus secures the absence of money and of meaning) is possible when it is entirely made by a group of participating artists. Temporary City recovers the intimacy of a shared workspace, and by doing so, presents a possible discovery of every individual artwork.

View more about the project HERE

Playing Borders This Contemporary State of Mind


Playing borders this contemporary state of mind is a fictional photographic essay which Kruithof developed at the beginning of 2008 right at before the start of the economic crisis in Europe. Kruithof got a squaded, 600 square meter big abandoned office space as her temporary studio and started to imagine a doomsday scenario for Western society. Playing Borders has a frenetic energy. It is chaotic and on the verge of falling apart - as is its subject, which is an almost empty, generic office space in which workers create performances. A sense of anomie and absurd nature is visible, which is read as a metaphor for the tormented man in today's society. Kruithof breathes new life into the materials she found in the office, through processing peculiar temporary

Playing Borders is a conceptual and poetic work where Kruithof weaves photography, installation and performance together. Both the project installed in an exhibition space as it's form as an unbounded artist book including pamflets, postcards and a poster call a strong physical experience.

Enclosed Content Chatting Away In The Colour Invisibility


spatial installation + video loop + photograph

installation out of approximately 3500 so found coloured books 410 cm by 230 cm

+ HD video loop with sound

+ photograph - conventional C print of 125-100 cm: edition 10 (+2 ap) conventional c print mounted on dibond and framed without glass 30-40 cm: edition 25 (+2 ap)

On every exhibition the bookwall gets installed in a different order. The work has been shown at solo exhibitions at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, museum het Domein Sittard NL, Galerie Adler Frankfurt, VU Amsterdam, DOK Delft and took part of the groupsexhibition 'Holland Papier biennale' at CODA museum Apeldoorn NL and 'Lost & Found-ERROR #19' Antwerpen

In 2008 Anouk Kruithof has been collecting these 3500 so found coloured books. Most books out of this installation of are from the early 20th century or have been acquired Eastern European books that were written in the DDR and are therefore totally dismissed. In Berlin those books are destined to be around in '1 euro bookshops or ending up at the 'Papierbank', which is a recycle dump for paper, where they are rotting away and become meaningless and lost. For the work Enclosed... Kruithof made a spatial installation, a video and a single photograph out of these books. Sherevitalizes these books by using them as objects (bricks). The colours and sizes of these books determine the rhythm of the rising wall in form of a physical installation as well as a video-loop, which is strong and instable at the same time. This bookwall consists of at least 3500 books whose workmanship, various papers, and varying bodies result in a heterogeneousensemble. Colored edges glow in diverse hues. All of this produces an openimage that can be experienced with the body and includes a poetic verve. Kruithof loves books and in this time books are disappearing. This work show's that shift as well, one could look at it as analogue pixels. She likes to invent new things out of fragments of the past - if that's possible?

Becoming Blue


conventional c prints on dibond 68-80 cm/72-90 cm/78.5-100 cm/100-125 cm

Becoming Blue has been shown since 2009 in various solo and groupexhibitions, among them in Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, museum hetDomein NL, galerie Adler Frankfurt, Corrosia Almere NL, VU Amsterdam and Dutch Cultural Centre in Sjanghai.

Anouk Kruithof's series Becoming Blue comprises 21 portraits and three spatial stills. They are presented in different formats and reveal Kruithof's highly exceptional approach to the topic of portrait photography. During extended sessions, which Anouk Kruithof calls one-to-one performances she did not usually work behind the camera but in the rest of the room, frequently pressing the trigger by remote control.

At the same time, she made constant but minor physical interventions to influence the person being portrayed, so that her photos capture the subjects gestures and facial expressions interaction to the unknown, irritation or stress. Reactions out of the blue. Blue is a colour we associate with infinity and meditative calm both in arthistorical as as in psychological meaning.

The poses and gestures of the persons portrayed obviously contradict such associations - a stylistic means that Kruithof deliberately chooses in order to visualise different emotional and psychological states during a process of surprise or even confrontation. Kruithof's thinking in color and in the characteristics of pictures is the clearest evidence that, for Anouk Kruithof, the process of elaborating the photos is not coincidental or done for its own sake, not an experiment or test run, but a procedure carried out in accordance with the rules of beauty, in the knowledge of the characteristics of aesthetic perception - and thus artistically necessary.

(Sources for this text are the words of Christoph Tannert and Christina Sickert)

View Book / Order Here

Limited edition (750)

paperback 20,5 X 27,5 cm, full colour, 102 pages

Photographs by Anouk Kruithof

Design by Kummer-Herrman

Text by Christoph Tannert


2009, published by Revolver Publishing by VVV Berlin

ISBN 978-3-86895-024-3

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Het Zwarte Gat The Black Hole

in collaboration with Jaap Scheeren


Not long after young Dutch photographers Anouk Kruithof and Jaap Scheeren graduated from art college they were featured in a newspaper series on the future of art-school graduates which was titled The Black Hole. For Kruithof and Scheeren, who were determined to make a name for themselves as photographers, that title became a theme for an ambitious project: a series of associative photographs on depression, black-outs, the universe and actual black holes. The result is this multi-dimensional publication, in which pictures relate to each other in ever-changing variations, filling the black hole no matter how you define it in new and surprising ways. This fresh, innovative publication was the first winner of the Unique Photography Prize awarded by HUP Gallery Amsterdam.

The project was rounded of as well with a solo exhibition consisting of a photo installation of 35 untitled photographs of different sizes at FOAM Amsterdam in April 2006. The Black Hole book also got an honourable mention at the Rencontres Arles photography bookaward in 2006. Afterwards The Black Hole exhibition showed again in MAMAC (museum for modern & contemporary art in Liege) 2008 as well as Kunstraum Niederosterreich Vienna 2008 and photofestival F Stop Leipzig 2009. The Black Hole took also place in the groupshow Dutch Dare, contemporary photography from the Netherlands, which was shown in ACP Sydney in 2006 and Erasmushuis Jakarta in 2007.


Limited edition (1000)

102 pages color,

paperback 17 X 24 cm

Photography, Anouk Kruithof & Jaap Scheere

Design: Hans Gremmen

Poem: Leon van den Langenbergh


2006, published by Episode Publishers & HUP editions Rotterdam/Amsterdam

ISBN 978-905973-044-1

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Old Things

2002 - 2008

Loose photographs from 2003 till 2008 including Anouk Kruithof's art college graduation project Bekijk 't(2003) which has been shown in museum De Beyerd Breda, the Netherlands and which is published in Eyemazing magazine.

The series Nightmarry (2004) is a collaboration project with Maria Kley and Marloes van Doorn, which has been published in Carp magazine, Livraison and OPAK magazine.