Enclosed Content Chatting Away In The Colour Invisibility


spatial installation + video loop + photograph

installation out of approximately 3500 so found coloured books 410 cm by 230 cm

+ HD video loop with sound

+ photograph - conventional C print of 125-100 cm: edition 10 (+2 ap) conventional c print mounted on dibond and framed without glass 30-40 cm: edition 25 (+2 ap)

On every exhibition the bookwall gets installed in a different order. The work has been shown at solo exhibitions at K├╝nstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, museum het Domein Sittard NL, Galerie Adler Frankfurt, VU Amsterdam, DOK Delft and took part of the groupsexhibition 'Holland Papier biennale' at CODA museum Apeldoorn NL and 'Lost & Found-ERROR #19' Antwerpen

In 2008 Anouk Kruithof has been collecting these 3500 so found coloured books. Most books out of this installation of are from the early 20th century or have been acquired Eastern European books that were written in the DDR and are therefore totally dismissed. In Berlin those books are destined to be around in '1 euro bookshops or ending up at the 'Papierbank', which is a recycle dump for paper, where they are rotting away and become meaningless and lost. For the work Enclosed... Kruithof made a spatial installation, a video and a single photograph out of these books. Sherevitalizes these books by using them as objects (bricks). The colours and sizes of these books determine the rhythm of the rising wall in form of a physical installation as well as a video-loop, which is strong and instable at the same time. This bookwall consists of at least 3500 books whose workmanship, various papers, and varying bodies result in a heterogeneousensemble. Colored edges glow in diverse hues. All of this produces an openimage that can be experienced with the body and includes a poetic verve. Kruithof loves books and in this time books are disappearing. This work show's that shift as well, one could look at it as analogue pixels. She likes to invent new things out of fragments of the past - if that's possible?