every thing is wave

solo exhibition at gallery BoetzelaerINispen Amsterdam from September 7 till October 26th 2013.

groups of works existing of photos, sculptures, installation, projection, take-a-way ephemera

New York City is a universe of paradoxes. Observations from this metropolis, where Anouk Kruithof resided for extended periods within the last two years, are the basis of this solo-exhibition at Boetzelaer|Nispen.

Anouk Kruithof uses gentle irony and changing perspectives to shed light on the psycho-social state in which New York currently is. A state of which the dynamics of power,

with as a result the absurdity of the contemporary stress/drive society, are depicted in an opaque and poetical language.

Contradictions provide freedom and cause productivity, which creates an endless wave of movement. Reality is never to completely be understood, which makes it necessary to embrace contradictions. This creates an openness which opens the door of contemplation.

Everyone who moves to New York needs to learn his way by trial and error. Because of the toughness of the city one is quickly taught to transform every form of negativity to its opposite. This generates the perseverance, force and drive of the people in New York. The stress driven city is overflowing with energy. The constant stream of impulses also stimulates mental craziness. The grey area between these two examples is what fascinates Anouk Kruithof profoundly.

‘Every thing is wave’ is a group of new works with a conceptual basis consisting of photos, sculptural displays, projections and text. Anouk Kruithof executes public actions; she stages conversations with strangers and strategically uses the photo-camera to get closer to people and to create contact. Subsequently the photos are the basis of the final works, where the images establish a relationship with specifically chosen materials. Kruithof has a preference for industrial but ordinary materials. Materials, that to her, are full of poetical meanings outside the functional intentions of the object. For example ‘BlinQ powersponges’, isolation material and the ready-made Apple screensaver ‘spectrum’ are part of works in the exhibition. She plays with metaphors that lie within the material in combination with the narrative character of photography.

Next to ‘Every thing is wave’ Boetzelaer|Nispen will also present the project ‘Pixel-Stress’ by Anouk Kruithof at the photography fair Unseen, which takes place from September 26th till 29th at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

download PDF of this exhibition here