The Daily Exhaustion


pile of newspaper-zines to take away for free installation out of the pages of the newspaper-zine: size variable

The daily exhaustion took part of many solo and groups exhibitions. Kruithof exhibited a wall installation and the pile at Hyeres, festival International de mode et de la photographie in 2011, where she won both the Grand prix de Jury and the Photoglobal prize (LINK)

THE DAILY EXHAUSTION is a small newspaper  which contains 23 self-portraits of an obsessed workaholic artist, who has reached the sweaty emotional state of exhaustion. When you browse through the publication, you will pass a gradual colour spectrum, which Kruithof considers the stratification of human energy. THE DAILY EXHAUSTION confirmed quite aware that a photo or a photo series is invented as a conscious construction, but simultaneously withdraws that statement into question, because the pictures are credible and honest. This causes confusion and raises the question of what THE DAILY EXHAUSTION actually is? In her current and future exhibitions Anouk Kruithof displays THE DAILY EXHAUSTION newspapers either as a large pile, from which visitors can take a copy for free or as a large wall installation made out of the original pages of the newspaper. When the newspaper-zine is taken apart new portraits rise to the surface. The portraits exist out of two half portraits that coincidently come together because of the unbounded newspaper-zine they'll form new faces. View Video

The special edition comes with a print together with the newspaper-zine in a sealed plastic bag.The photo is a snapshot from the trash bin at the printer. View Video

The newspaper has further evolved in the 'special special' edition, where Anouk Kruithof takes the aspect of exhaustion to another level. Five new photos of the cover of the newspaper are taken, layered with portraits from the newspaper they turn into abstract images.Recycling is an element that often plays a role in her work. These 5 new images are literally and figuratively layered and turn the state of exhaustions into an abstract thought. View Video