UNTITLED (I've taken too many photos I've never taken a photo)

photo installation

75 inkjetprints on foam in 3 different sizes: 24-32 / 30-40 and 50-70 cm

A2 double sited poster / full colour 1000 copies in French & 1000 copies in English to take away for free

30 mirrors

solo exhibition at Tour les Templiers during Hyeres festival de mode et photographie in Hyeres France

Untitled (I've taken too many photos / I've never taken a photo) 2012 is a social conceptual project resulted in a spatial photo installation. A guy called Harrison Medina from Bed Stuy, an almost gentrified ghetto in New York, who never made a photo in his life before, selected 75 photos and their sizes out of Kruithof's 'automagic picture archive '. She found this guy through a street-poster-call. During the selection process she recorded the conversation with his comments on art, photography and society, which can be seen and red on the take away poster, which comes a long with the installation. Viewers could take a mirror to 'frame their own pictures'. This work could be seen as 'analogue interactivity'. The work is a psychical and surprising experience, where both spectators as the selector (Harrison) play important roles.

View Poster (444kb PDF)

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