Wall of Fading Memory

2012 Spatial Installation

100 assemblages of photopaper (photos from Kruithof's archive) foamboard / nylon thread and swr

900 by 300 cm

Part of the soloshow Fragmented Entity at gallery Boetzelaer - Nispen London.

'Wall of fading memory' is an assemblage of cut outs to create a 'wall' of pieces of pieces of old photographs diagonally stretching from one side of the gallery space to the other. Despite the monumental connotations of the artwork's title, this wall of prints is floating in mid-air and is permeated by empty spaces. Within this huge montage, these recesses can be analyzed in a number of ways; they could be seen as metaphoric holes in a memory. In trying to find an order within a potentially overwhelming amount of visual information, Kruithof assembled the prints according to colour thus somewhat recreating the spectrum of the rainbow that metaphorically stretches through the width of the gallery space. Here, again like in her previous work 'the daily exhaustion' she deconstructs and then reassembles visual informationinto a colour gradient.

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