Anonymous poster, edition 1000, offset print 50-50 cm to take away for free

Anonymous postcard (Carved thoughts), edition 1000, offset print 10-15 cm to take away for free

This work was included in the group-exhibition: La 2.3333333ème dimension at gallery 1m3 Lausanne, Switzerland

Nothing is true, everything is possible (Hasan bin Sabbah)

The 2.3333333è dimension presents the work of 12 artists from here and elsewhere. The works explore the space between the eye and the object they make reality through a filter, a prism. The dimension 2.3333333 plunges into the depth of an image potential, intellectual or formal. Navigate between the three dimensions of the physical world and the two dimensions of the image. 

The size 2.3333333è refers to the mental loop between the physical object and its perception, transcribed into a new object. The images and thoughts induce production strategies such as, deconstruction, flattening, crushing, swelling, vision, distortion, alteration, drunkenness, motionless voyage and reconstruction. The manufacture of images is often a purely analytical process but it also happens that part of synthetic practice after other media, transfer the schematic to come subtractive creation of photography (one part of the world and is removed, one frame). Here stands a number of issues that intersect like the beams of different light spectra which, mixing create new colors and intensities. When the pictorial and sculptural crosses the kinematics, perception and language become confused and reinvent themselves. The exhibition is offered to artists from different networks to which these issues in depth of the image, sliding fields and media, are particularly important. They all participate in their own way to expand the experimental research of the image and the gaps between the dimensions. (Josef Hannibal)