Der Ausbruch einer Flexiblen Wand (hart und weich)

wallpaper dyptich

2 black and white photo wallpapers of each 400 x 300 cm

shown at the group-exhibition Still/Life at FOAM 2011 and at Within Interpretations of a wall, as part of Paulien Oltheten and Anouk Kruithof, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

In this work, Kruithof confronts the viewer with two monumental walls each bearing a photographic wallpaper print. The wallpapers show an image of a disintegrating wall constructed from sponges alluding bricks depicted during the moment of explosion. 

For the exhibition “Within Interpretations of a Wall”, Kruithof placed both pieces in front of the two gallery entries in order to create a visual as well as a physical barrier for visitors entering the space. With her unorthodox interpretation of a diptych, Kruithof invites to meditate upon the notions of gravity and balance, violence and persistence. By challenging her photographic means, she not only explores the moment when a physical border becomes a psychological one, but also the possibilities to break-through.