Mirror Visions & Yohji Yamamoto, a review by Melissa Moylon

review about my solo exhibition

Untitled (I’ve taken too many photos/I’ve never taken a photo) in Hyeres, France

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While there were plenty of exhibitions to be seen at the recent Festival Hyères (check out all of them on Fashion Snoops), I had two favorites. First comes from Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof. Artist as in WHAT you may ask? Well that’s a little complicated, and it’s also what defines her. The “medium” is always the starting point for Anouk’s projects which also rely on an interaction with the surroundings or people involved. While the photos fail in comparison to the experience, look first and then I’ll explain. Anouk’s exhibition, titled Untitled I’ve taken too many photos/ I’ve never taken a photo was set in the historic Tour des Templiers in Hyères old city center. The location was also utilized for an impressive photography exhibit when I attended the festival in 2010. This time around, upon entering, all guests were given a square mirror plate, which was used to view the many photographs suspended from above without looking up. The photos themselves, in an assortment of sizes, featured a variety of subjects captured over 10 years from portraits to landscapes to objects. There was no particular order to view the exhibit and each “viewing” of the photos varied depending on positioning of your own mirror. Holding the mirror from your chest and then drawing it up to your face gave a feeling of movement, almost like inverting the ceiling and floor and causing momentarily confusion.. an amazing experience that was truly original!