In situ works

Temporary City, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Berlin 2009

Superpositions, New Wight Biennal, Los Angeles 2012

The cakes are coated with pictures of the beginning party of the project called Temporary City, which was an experimental exhibition made by a group of artists without curator and took place in May 2009 at Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin. These cakes have been eaten by the end of the opening.

“Just like every 'experimental' act, Temporary City, Berlin presents results that are only useful when they lie at the base of new experiments. In an over-curated era, in an art world where the power structures seem constantly out of balance, Temporary City wants to look for other ways of grouping works of art - of making an exhibition. The result shows that it is possible to view the entire exhibition as 'meta-art', as art that can only reflect on its own principles and promises.

But on the other hand, the individual works remain accessible without being part of a larger narrative that limits their possible meanings or appearances. At the beginning of the 21st century, Temporary City shows that such an exhibition that guarantees this freedom (and thus secures the absence of money and of meaning) is possible when it is entirely made by a group of participating artists. Temporary City recovers the intimacy of a shared workspace, and by doing so, presents a possible discovery of every individual artwork.” (Christophe van Gerrewey)

Superpositions, Los Angeles is an exploration of interference as a model for art-making and reception. The glitch, stutter, moiré, palimpsest, thwarted expectation, and feedback loop all fall within this purview. The exhibition includes the work of 26 international artists. Organized by Jonathan Apgar, Lucas Blalock, Devin Kenny and Sean Raspet