The Bungalow Book Presentation - presentation

A collaboration between Anouk Kruithof (book) & Elise van Mourik (set)

Welcome to Onomatopee’s Cabinet exhibition space. What you see is a mise en scène which might entangle you in oblivion. Possibly the book presentation took place here, or are we waiting for something to happen?

The Bungalow is a book by Anouk Kruithof, based on Brad Feuerhelm’s obscure photo collection. By lack of a clear context of the selected snapshots, she decided to consider the pictures as entities, which she subsequently, by means of reinterpretation and image manipulation, endowed with new meaning. The book was published by Onomatopee in October 2014.

It was designed by Christof Nüssli and was voted one of the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2014. It will be as if it has never existed, just as the historical background in vernacular pictures continues to exist only in oblivion.

The Book Presentation – presentation has been arranged in a formal way, with available objects from the gallery, supplemented with festive balloons, suggestive of a celebration. Space seems to come to a standstill, as in a photo. And we are absorbed into the picture. A piece of oblivion, resembling the oblivion in which the historical reality on the snapshots continues to exist.