27 Sep.–31 Dec. 2018

Solo exhibition and performance at Fotopub Appetizer / Fotopub Society for Contemporary Culture, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Transformagic is the second exhibition in the “Fotopub Appetizers” series, which consists of solo exhibitions by renowned contemporary artists in unconventional art spaces. Each artist develops their exhibition in situ as a short artist-residence, culminating in the opening of their solo exhibition. Fotopub Appetizers focuses on innovative approaches in the field of lens-based art, and intends to explore a direct dialogue between the unconventional space, the artist and their work to create site specific installations throughout the whole space. The exhibition Transformagic

by Anouk Kruithof took place in an abandoned petrol service station of 300 mtr2 on Tivolska Cesta 44 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that was designed by architect Milan Mihelicˇ in 1968.

Transformagic is the first exhibition that functions as a transformation from Kruithof’s latest artist-book Automagic into three-dimensional space. Various images out of Automagic were printed on PVC curtains, plexiglas, and paper.

During her stay Kruithof found various objects at flea-markets, recycling facilities and secondhand shops, in the streets and the trash. She modified and re-used the found objects as supports to create a set of Transformagic Sculptures.

The exhibition is lively and fluid, a spontaneous in-situ installation implemented as multi-layered sculptures which demonstrate ingenuity, adventurousness, and the infinite possibilities of the medium of photography. Except for the photo-prints, all materials and objects used in the exhibition are recycled.

For the opening, Kruithof invited the local musicians group Olfamosˇ tvo to play on their self-made instruments, which echoed the re-used objects in the artworks.

She organized each performer to wear a monochromatic outfit in relation to the colors of the 10 books out of which Automagic exists. Playing throughout the space, they were a set of living sculptures in dialog with the Transformagic Sculptures.

Musicians (Olfamosˇ tvo): Andrej Fon, Nezˇ a Naglicˇ , Josˇ t Drasˇ ler, Marko Jenicˇ , Ivo Poderzˇ aj, Jasna Kolar, Vid Drasˇ ler, Vesna Godler, Samo Kutin, Martin Ukmar

Documentation Photography: Klemen Ilovar, Anouk Kruithof Documentation Video: Jernej Kokol, Jan Rifelj

Editing: Duygu Atceken, Anouk Kruithof
Music Compilation: Koen Nutters

Thanks: Fotopub, Snaga d.o.o., Nusˇ a Jelenec, Nina Mrsnik, Miha Erjavec
Printing: Luminus: Bojan Radovicˇ, Foto Format

Technicians: Maid
Hadzˇ ihasanovicˇ , Jaka Erjavec Volunteers: Julita Kropec, Lea Topolovec, Bor Svetko

Special Thanks: Dusan Josip Smodej

Transformagic was financially supported by the Dutch Art Fund Mondriaan Fonds and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

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